Nathan’s bliss

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My favorite part of the day has rapidly become Nathan’s night-time routine.

It used to be that he would get a little cranky in the bath, or when I was trying to give him a massage.  If I even tried touching his back, he would start whining.

Since we’ve returned from Chile and he’s been Mr. Bliss King, he is LOVING his massages.  I can work on every single part of his body and he blisses out.

We start with a hot bath where we sit in aromatherapy bath salts and chamomile oil.  We just chill, “talk”, and simply enjoy soaking.  Then I take him to his room and start playing his current favorite CD, Cari Caracua from Musiqueros.  Instant smiles.  Then I start massaging him, from the feet up.  He lays there and his eyes glaze over with bliss and he just relaxes and enjoys.  I finish by massaging his scalp, which invariably makes him laugh (I’ll post a video of this soon).  Then I put on his diaper, pijamas, we cuddle and say our prayers together, and I kiss him good night.

His bliss is infectious – I walk out of his room on cloud 9.


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