Nathan’s Day

This is an email that Tischia, Nathan’s teacher, sent me last night, about Nathan’s day (I was out most of the morning running errands). She is coming to work with Nathan in the mornings and bringing her son, Daschle, who is about the same age as Nathan:

Nathan had some banana and a little bit if brown rice for a snack.

At circle time Nathan and Daschle both lay down side by side for a little sensory game that starts from their feet and goes up to their head. They both loved it.

We worked with heavy and light. Hot and cold. Smooth and rough. I’m not sure Nathan was really responding to this.

We also did some crawling . I moved his hands and feet. He didn’t complain.

Nathan and Daschle both spent time swinging from side to side and front to back. Nathan held his head high the entire time. When Daschle was swinging, Nathan also lifted his head and laughed over and over.

Nathan was in his chair for no more than 15 minutes at any one time.

Nathan was very relaxed all day and reached for things several times.

He love… love… loves to hear a blessing song before he eats.

Tasha helped me get in the pool with both boys for about 15 minutes.

Daschle and Nathan played peekaboo with Daschle hiding in the towel. Nathan was smiling and making wonderful sounds.

Daschle wrestled with Nathan several times and Nathan loved it.

For lunch Nathan ate some millet with potato, carrot,and zuchini. He at 9 or ten decent size bites.

We read a book at nap time and told a simple nature story. He didn’t cry and fell asleep within ten minutes without music around 12:45pm.

I think he was tired;)

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