Nathan’s doing well!

Nathan’s doing really good. He’s as happy as can be. Not much new going on, just life as usual with his therapies, swim class, and playing with everyone at home. Here are some pics:

Playing with daddy

He looooooooves the pool

Chilling in his swim collar

He’s enjoying right before….

He ate it and fell into the water..not a happy baby.

Therapy with Dena

Soft little baby dog (snack for Lucas)

Who’s cuter?

Holding the little baby

So…life is good 🙂


  1. hello there!!! these photos are fantastic.lots of love-
    too many new babies on the way—lots of stress but love to all

  2. I *love* that you have added a comment button! YAY! Now I can say things like, I love how cute Nathan is, and I love how he is learning things, and whose puppy is that? And, Marcela, you look so great! 🙂 Owen, you look very happy with your son! 🙂

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