Nathan’s last day of school

Today was Nathan’s first and last day of school. He can win the prize for the shortest schooling experience ever 🙂

The school is lovely, the teacher is great, but…it’s just not for Nathan. He’s in a class with children that are very much like him. He’s definitely in the correct placement when it comes to having kids LIKE him…but, what benefit can he gain from this? He has such a rich, stimulating program at home, much richer than they can provide at the school. They have a good program but they are trying to deal with several kid’s needs and there’s just not enough time to give Nathan the level of stimulation that I like him to receive. My main goal for sending him to school was social interaction, but kids with his same level of disability cannot interact so there’s just not much gain for him. Tischia and I agreed that it’s a great program for children who don’t have access to the programs that Nathan does – Medek, AIAHP, Waldorf.

So for the rest of the month, we are going to have Dashcle, Tischia’s son, come and play with him in the mornings while we do a combo of Medek, AIAHP, and Waldorf. Then after we return from Chile, he will go to the Waldorf preschool.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our weekend. You can see how much our little daredevil LOVED all of the rides at the fair. There are also pictures of his first and last day of school 🙂

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