Nathan’s menu and medicine schedule

Today I wanted to share Nathan’s menu and medicine schedule to follow up with all of the posts I wrote last week regarding nutrition. It’ll give you some idea of how we incorporate all of the different health principles that we follow. One new thing we’re just trying is puree’ing salads so Nathan can also eat raw foods, which is not something we’ve done before but something which I think is very important. We’re also trying very hard not to mix proteins with carbs and not to mix fruits with other foods.

Timing is also pretty important – water 45 min’s before or after a meal, G-therapy 45 min’s before or after a meal, prevacid 45 min’s before or after a meal (it prevents absorption of nutrients), fruits 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating other foods.

Finally, we’re also incorporating chia and sesame seeds in with his lunch and dinner. Here in Chile we’re cooking with Extra-virgin organic olive oil, but in LA, we use mostly coconut oil.

If you want to read more about the supplements we’re giving him, you can visit this entry: Nathan’s supplements

Anyways, enough chit chat:

Before Breakfast

Phospholipids – 1 teaspoon
Chinese powder – 1 teaspoon
Musk – 1 teaspoon


Cereal (quinoa flakes or bob’s red mill mighty tasty hot cereal with almond milk, 3-4 prunes, honey and flax seeds )

After CME:



Leftovers from breakfast

Medicine with snack:


Medicine before lunch:

Nordic Oils – 4 caps
B6 – 9 drops
Fig tree – 5 drops
Niacin – 1 cap
Conjuplex – 2 caps
Combocillus – 1 cap
European walnut – 10 drops
Spleen – 1 cap
Min-chex – 1 cap
Vitamin E – 1 cap
Rutivite – 2 caps
CoQ10 – 1 cap
5HTP – 1 cap
Multi-pollen – 1 cap
Floradix – 5 ml
Honey mix for congestion – 1 teaspoon
Honey with aloe – 1 teaspoon
Polen – 1 teaspoon


Monday: Vegetable Stew with Garbanzos
Tuesday: Lentil burgers
Wednesday: Fish
Thursday: Curry Vegetable stew
Friday: Sweet potatoes with Quinoa
Saturday: Bean Chilli (no meat)

Meds before snack:



Fruit: strawberry, blackberries, kiwi, banana, apples, papaya, pear

Medicines before dinner:

Quantum Nerve: 1 cap
Quantum Brain: 1 cap
Spleen: 1 cap
Advanced Brain: 1 cap
Neurolink: 2 caps
MinChex: 1 cap
Fig Tree: 5 drops

Tea with dinner:
Broncofor (for chest congestion and lung health)

Dinner Salads:

Monday: Squash with almonds
Tuesday: Brown rice or amaranth salad
Wednesday: Chicken salad
Thursday: Tuna Salad
Friday: Quinoa salad with cranberries
Saturday: Garbanzo salad

Before bed:



  1. estaba esperando este post…. encontré muy interesante lo de los tiempos del agua y la fruta, y me ha sorprendido la cantidad de medicina que toma diariamente,lo de las ensaladas crudas me parece buenisimo es lo que estoy intentando con Catita.
    un beso y gracias.

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