Nathan’s Menu

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about nutrition.  I’ve just finished creating a weekly menu for Nathan’s food and thought I would share it here, along with the recipes we’ll be using.

Here’s the menu:

Click on “week” in the google calendar or on “agenda” so you can see more clearly how it’s spread out.

Here are the recipes that go with the menu above:

Double click on any of the images so you can see the enlarged recipe on PicasaWeb.

There are a couple of missing recipes here but they are pretty common sense, like chicken vegetable soup.

This entire menu is gluten casein free, and contains a mixture of proteins, vegetables and minerals.  We also added in some fruits to help with Nathan’s constipation, mainly papaya and prunes pureed.

We take all of these meals and puree them in the blender so he can chew and swallow them with ease.

When we puree the lunches, we add in all of his herbs and supplements.  Here is the current list that he is taking:


B6 drops
Chinese herbs cough capsules
Brior Rose oil


Flax Seeds
Manuka Honey
Lighten Up Spray


Fig Tree drops
Brior Rose Oil
Cod Liver Oil


HM Detox
B6 drops
Sesame Seed Oil


Fig Tree oil
After his bath at night:

Rock Springs Oil
Lighten Up Spray
Lavender Lotion
PlantLife Bath Sea Salts

We have a pill crusher and just crush up the pills and add them to the blender as we puree the food.  Some of them are oils or drops so we can just drop them into his foods.

The reason I am talking so much about diet and supplements it’s because it’s SO IMPORTANT!

Many of us spend so much time and energy with therapies and rehabs but ignore the nutrition aspect.  My experience with Nathan has been that while his body was lacking in nutrients and while he’s had immune system and leaky gut issues, he wasn’t able to learn or develop.  By healing his body with diet and supplements I am hoping that he will not only feel better and happier, but that he will have the chance to develop.

I have already seen just in the last 2 weeks how much better Nathan is doing with his therapies now that he is much healthier.  I will take a little video tommorrow (promise!) so you can see what a difference nutrition and a healthy body makes!

We also made a shopping list out of the recipes above, if you want that, email it to me – it should make everything simpler.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I admire our dedication and diligence. But I am a firm believer that a PROPE DIET can have all the missing things you seem to be providing as a supplement. He’s also only a child and does not need all the supplements an adult or older child may need.

    There’s a reason people in “the old country” live to be 100, and they are not taking supplements; but eating right in the first place.

    Like a good Pharmacist I suggest you read about side effects too. Too many vitamins and supplements can be harmful just as well.

  2. Wow, Marcela. You amaze me. I agree, diet can make all the difference. If you have a chance, email me about the benefits of the supplements you like most? Or post?

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