Nathan’s new best friend

Today we had dinner with some lovely, wonderful new friends. Meet Catalina and her parents, Cybell and Patricio:

Nathan went gaga over Catalina. He kept trying to hold her hand and smiling at her. Maybe since Rocio rejected his affections, he felt that he had to move on 🙂 We had an absolutely wonderful time at Catalina’s house and were just amazed at how many similarities we have in our approach towards our kids and in our experiences. Although Catalina is a little bit older, the two of them have a lot of similarities in their behavior and personalities as well. We all just had an incredible connection and we totally “clicked”. We talked and talked and before we knew it hours had gone by.

One of the most beautiful parts of this journey that Nathan has brought us on has been to meet fellow warriors. We have been so blessed to have the chance to meet absolutely incredible children and the families standing behind them. Sometimes people ask me why I feel that Nathan has brought us nothing but beauty. This is one of the reasons why. As part of this journey he has brought us to people who respond to difficult circumstances with grace and strength.

Nathan had a wonderful time, he stood and watched TV for a long time and displayed some of the best trunk and head control that I’ve seen in him. We then ate dinner and then hung out playing with the kids and taking pictures.

And the beautiful news. We now have a camera! Cybell and Patricio loaned us their camera so we can continue tracking our journey. So expect many pictures and videos in the coming days!


  1. I love the photos! Looks like you are having a fantastic time during your stay and all the work that Nathan is doing just makes him enjoy all his “play” time more!

  2. Marcela, really was an honor to visit us at home with Nathan I am very happy to share with you and especially to Nathan who is a child ADORABLE, I love it when our children communicate as well and responded to one another, thanks for share your experiences with us pretty, I think it is a blessing meeting you, and congratulations to your perseverance is paying off, as I witness how well he holds his head and trunk. We love you Nathan!

  3. Se nota que lo pasaron de maravillas!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So glad all is going well. Nathan looks great; you look great. I think Owen may have a hard time getting you back to the States!

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