Nathan’s sick

We went to Catita’s birthday party (pictures soon) and Nathan was a bit “off” but he seemed to enjoy himself. At the end I felt him getting warmer and warmer and we checked his temp and he was running a fever. While I called a Chilean doctor who gave us his cell phone, Nathan started vomiting. We took him straight to ER but they were pretty crowded and wouldn’t be able to see him for at least an hour, so I decided to bring him home and keep an eye on him from home. He’s asleep now and I’m going to be sleeping with him so I can keep an eye on him all night, and if he’s still sick tomorrow, we’ll probably head over to the ER.

Please keep Nathan in your prayers! My fear is obviously that it’s a shunt problem, as he has vomiting, fever, and lethargy, but hopefully it’s just a bug and he’ll be better tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted.


  1. Praying its just a little bug and nothing more.
    Hope you’re doing well also.

  2. Hey Marcela,
    Just wanted to drop in and say I have been reading, but not commenting because ususally there is a little one (or two) on my lap while I read.

    Excited for Nathan’s progress, praying he feels better soon, and thinking of you and little Belle (almost half way there!) all the time.


  3. Definately keeping your sweet little guy in my prayers

  4. Marcelita, ya todo esta pasando, Nathan se irá sintiendo mejor al correr los días, pueden ser virus estacionales, todo mejorará amiga, hoy haré una oración especial por mi niñito hermoso, ánimo y no dudes en que todo lo estás haciendo bien.Un abrazo grande.

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