Now that I’m home and hormone crazy, my nesting instinct is on overdrive.  So I decided – it’s time for a makeover.  Since Nathan was born, my house has steadily gone downhill.  We haven’t paid any attention to it and has gotten uglier and uglier.  Now that I’m in a different place mentally, and with Belle on the way, it feels like a perfect time to spruce things up.  So today Nathan, my mom and I went to look at furniture.  I am so excited about this project!

We went to MortiseTenon and here are some of the things we liked:

I’ll take some “before” pictures this weekend so I can have them ready. Unfortunately the remodeling will take a while – at least 6 weeks as some stuff takes a while to be made and delivered – but by the time Belle arrives, the house should be looking good and feeling homey!

We had a good time and celebrated the project by going to dinner and Nathan even had some ice cream, since he’s no longer allergic to dairy 🙂 (although he will only have it every once in a blue moon ).

PS – did you notice I’m reclaiming my dining room?


  1. reclaim! reclain!:) stuff looks beautifule. I am sure your house will look great when everything is done.

  2. RETAIL THERAPY is great for us moms!!!!!

  3. Me encantó la tienda!!!!!!!!!!
    esta buensima la idea de remodelar la decoración,hermosa la cama que elegiste que bueno que salierón de compras,¿Nathan escogió o tuvo alguna preferencia especial?,me parece perfecto que cuándo llegue Belle tendrá una linda casa junto a su hermano!!!!
    Un abrazo.

  4. Me encanta el sofá y los demás muebles estan muy lindos, mi ´niñito se lucirá en su nueva casa esperando a su amada hermanita!!! Que rico que la celebración estuvo bien, y que rico debe haber estado ese helado Nathan!!, les mando besos y cariños

  5. I love decoratin! Cant’ wait to see all the pictures.

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