Neurology Update

We went to see the neurologist on Friday. This is the first time we see her. She is one of the neurologists from Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

The good news is – he looks good! The bad news is – as I suspected, there’s not much use in taking Nathan to see a neurologist.

Since he’s not having seizures or anything that might look like a seizure, she said there really wasn’t anything she needed to do with him. From her exam, she said he looked great and was amazed at how well he’s doing. She said that most of the patients that she sees with Holoprosencephaly are very involved with multiple seizure meds and other complications. She checked his reflexes, muscle tone, cognitive alertness, and said that he looked good with all of them!

I asked her about botox and whether she said Nathan would benefit from it and she told us that she is not the one that handles that, but gave us information about 2 other places that we could take Nathan to. She did say that she didn’t think he was a candidate and even if we took him, they probably wouldn’t do it for him as his muscle tone isn’t too bad.

So… I’m grateful to say it was a nice, non-eventful appointment.

Here are the pictures from our trip to the beach yesterday:

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