Never a dull moment

As we were on our way to the Marriott for Nathan’s therapy (that’s where Ramon has his office), we were told that something was going on causing awful traffic. We continued on our way and a little while later we notice several police cars flying past us heading in the direction of the Marriott. A few minutes later, our cab driver gets a call stating that there had been a bomb at the Marriott minutes before!

Needless to say I asked him to get as far away from the Marriott as possible so we made a random turn and drove away. Later I saw on the news that a bomb had gone off on the first floor of the Marriott – how scary! Only one person was mildly hurt and nobody died. Apparently a police man found the device and was able to take it away towards a non-populated area, and when it went off, only the police man carrying it got hurt.

As you can see, never a dull moment in our lives 🙂 Nathan is safe at his preschool – and THRILLED that he got to skip a session of Medek. I am bummed – this morning he had a great session (videos to come) and I was hoping he’d continue along those lines! Maybe Nathan orchestrated the bomb so he could get out of therapy?? Hmmmmmm.


  1. Gracias a Dios que están bién y que pudierón devolverse sin problemas!!!,Nathan debe estar feliz con sus compañeros del jardin,un beso.

  2. WTF!?!??! That is very unusuall!!! I’ll have to see the news today!

  3. Cybell – si, la paso muy bien! Para Nathan el jardin es como Disneyland, como se divierte!

    Sonia – que cosa ah! Pero parece que no fue nada muy serio. Nobody got hurt.

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