Nathan has spent the entire day sleeping. He opens his big beautiful brown eyes for brief moments, looks around to make sure mommy is there, and then drifts back into sleep.

He continues to vomit, and still cannot tolerate any food or liquids.

We did the CT to check on the shunt, still don’t know the results.

His heart is still beating too slowly, but the doctor is not concerned.

I’ve never seen a whole day of Nathan’s life go by without at least one smile from him, until today. I’ve never seen him spend an entire day sleeping, until today. I’ve never seen those beautiful eyes dull and lifeless, staring emptily into space.

I spoke with his spirit today and reminded him how much we love him, how much we need him here, that he is the heart to our bodies.

Please keep praying for him, even though whatever he has probably isn’t serious, I want his soul to feel how loved and needed he is, so he will recover fully and quickly! THANK YOU!


  1. I am so sorry. That is so incredibly scary–even if they aren’t that concerned. Saying a prayer for you guys right now.

  2. Martha Shepherd says

    Marcela and Owen, I am praying that everything turns out OK with Nathan. There are nasty viruses out there, but I am glad the doctors are exploring other possibilities. Love you and stay strong.

  3. Cheryl P says

    thinking and praying for you all. hugs to little Nathan and your family

  4. Laura Maxx & Marcos says

    My family,
    We all are praying for Nathan. We are sending lots of love to all of you.

    Love Maxx Laura & Marcos

  5. Very scary and I hope he is back to his usual smiley self very soon. Continuing to say prayers.

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