New Horizons

I’ve decided to expand this blog to new horizons. Thus far it’s been all about our journey with Nathan and learning how to deal with the world of special needs. I’ve mostly talked about our emotions, equipment, therapies, nutrition, and other aspects of having a disabled child.

This week I’ve decided to talk about my previous passion, the one I had before Nathan was born: Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization.

Back in early 2000, I took a break from college and found a job for a semester. It was at an internet marketing firm. I found myself fascinated by it and wanting to know more and more and more. This was a company in the “cutting edge” of the internet world at the time and they were building quite a network of sites. When I started with them they were running about 30 sites – by the time I left 3 years later, we were running and promoting over 4000 different websites. Their focus was on using Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to drive traffic to their websites, which offered a variety of products and services.

I started my own business in 2002, consulting at nights and weekends. It took off and after 1 year I had too much work to be able to afford to keep my job 🙂 And it all grew from there. I started attending the SEO conferences, met all the gurus, traded secrets, tried out a variety of methods, learned everything from the “white hat” to the “black hat” techniques, in fact I helped create many of the industry standards today. I was always the shy type so I never made a name for myself, but all of the people who did, know me and know of me.

You might be wondering what exactly it is that I do? Search Engine Optimization revolves around methods to gain high rankings in search engines for desired keywords. So if I decided I wanted to sell “pink ribbons”, I would start a website selling pink ribbons, and then “work my magic” so that when people type “pink ribbons” into Google, Bing or Yahoo, my website appears at the top – not the sponsored, paid results, but the “organic” results coming from their algorithms. Of course I am also skilled in managing Pay Per Click campaigns, but my specialty is in the organic results.

This all probably sounds like mumbo-jumbo, especially after I’ve been talking about such different things on this blog for the last 3 years. But there’s a good reason why I decided to include these posts in the blog. It comes down to $$$$.

Taking care of a child with special needs is EXPENSIVE! Therapy costs, medical bills, equipment bills .. I don’t have to say it, all of you know it already. I know a lot of families then decide to try and find alternate sources of income..and of course, the obvious way to do it is online. It requires finding things to do/sell on the internet while we are home caring for our kids. And then the question always arises – how? If I create a website, how do I get people to visit it? Where do I get traffic?

And this, my friends, is my pre-Nathan obsession. It’s what I’ve done for 10 years. I am supremely good at it (excuse my lack of modesty 😉 It’s like 2nd nature to me, after working on literally thousands of sites/projects. I can do/talk SEO in my sleep.

So to wrap up this post. I’ve decided to start sharing articles, knowledge, resources about search engine optimization and internet marketing. For those of you that already have websites that you are trying to promote – you may choose to use this information to help you. If you don’t like this new “horizon” of Nathan’s blog – please skip all of these posts!

Also, as I venture into some of the “new” areas of internet marketing, such as social media marketing, I will share what I am learning. Since Nathan’s birth I’ve had little time to stay up to date with new techniques. But now that Nathan is older and in school, and things are much more settled with him, I plan on going back to the “research” stage and expanding my skill set to all of the “new media” techniques that are now out there. Hence my post about Twitter the other day.

My goal for this new category of Nathan’s blog: to help empower and support other families to gain greater financial stability and success. Perhaps this information may help you create/increase revenue streams which you can then use in taking care of your child with special needs.

I hope you guys enjoy this new chapter of Nathan’s blog.


  1. I just love your heart and think it’s so great you want to help other people like this.

  2. I am interested! I am good at marketing too. But that was a long time ago.I did most of my marketing over the phone, some internet or in person. I am planning on starting some sort of art related business. I need to get more internet savy!! So I will be following New Horizon’s.
    You are so motivated!!!! You get others motivated as well!

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