News from Montreal

About a week ago I got an email from Ramon’s assistant in Canada confirming Nathan’s appointment in Montreal with Ramon. I almost went PLOP. I had made the appointment when I was in Chile, and then about 3 months ago I emailed them and asked for more information. I was told to email someone else, which I did a couple of times, but never heard back. I assumed our appointment was given to another child and I was so involved in the pregnancy and birth I didn’t think about it any more. So you can imagine my surprise when I received that email a week before the first appointment! But since I believe in serendipity I figured this was meant to be as I had just realized that CME was a KEY missing piece in Nathan’s puzzle. So going to Montreal would help give Nathan a jumpstart and then I figured we could follow up with a good daily home program.

So off Nathan went to Montreal on Sunday. Belle and I stayed home because we couldn’t get a passport for Belle so quickly, plus she’s just too small. I spoke with Owen today and he said things are going well in Montreal. I found them an apt on craigslist that is 1/2 block away from the therapy center – score! And the price was soooo right. The apt is located in a busy area so all they have to do is walk outside and there is stuff to do. Nathan LOVES it! Owen said he’s really enjoying being out and about.

As for the therapy sessions, Nathan is doing well. Ramon said he is pleased as he is picking up right where he left off in December. He said Nathan is a little bit weaker than before (to be expected as he hasn’t really had active physical therapy in 6 months). However, he is doing his exercises well. Ramon reported that today Nathan did an aerial stand at about 85% (which is great). Mary is filming everything but I dont have the videos yet, so this is what the aerial looks like (from our time in Chile):

Ramon said he believes Nathan has lots of potential – which was really exciting to hear!

This is still very much in accordance with the plan that I posted a few days ago. We are simply using Nathan’s holiday from school (he was off this week) to get the CME piece of the puzzle sorted out. We already have the laser part and the hbot part sorted. Now if we could kill 2 birds with one stone and also work on the ABR part since they are also in Montreal, I would be sooo happy! Then when Nathan gets home we will start with our ABR/HBOT/CME/ABM/Laser therapy combo.

I will keep everyone informed as I hear more news from Owen.

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