No no no no no

If Nathan could speak, I bet that’s what he’d be saying in his CME therapy. He’s gone back to Mr. Complaney during therapy. The first 3 weeks he was GREAT – he didn’t complain, he did the exercises well and happily. But I think now that we’ve been here several weeks he’s decided not to comply. In any case, this is where discipline steps in. Even if he complains he’s going to have to work through it! It’s a good lesson for both of us 🙂

Here are a few of his exercises today:


  1. ¡¡¡que lindos videos!!! el último es ESPECTACULAR,bién Nathan te ves hermoso.

  2. Marcela – I have to say, Nathan really looks great! I think he has gotten much better head control and am amazed to see him sitting independently. Way to go Nathan!

  3. His prop-sitting looks great. He sure has a lot to say during the sitting!!!
    I love that.

  4. GREAT JOB Nathan with your prop sitting!!! High Fives from Timmy! Timmy has his days when he is just as vocal during his PT. We just let him work through the complaining. Singing favorite songs also helps.

  5. Cybell – SI! Se ve tan lindo…me encanta que se puso sentar por un ratito.
    Kristina – Thank you! I am starting to see it more too. In the last couple of days especially he seems to be controlling his body a little bit better. It’s exciting to watch!
    Whit – I know! It’s his favorite talking time 🙂
    Donna – Thank you! I hope Nathan can sit like Timmy one day soon 🙂 Timmy has the prop sitting down, doesn’t he? When Nathan gets in complaining mood, it’s almost impossible to pull him out, it’s like he jumps on a complaining wagon and there’s no reaching him. But it’s okay – we’re teaching him discipline!

  6. Nathan, te ves precioso sentadito!!!!!, cariños para ustedes

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