Nutritional Testing – Biomedical Protocol

Last week when we got home we saw the results of all of the testing we did for Nathan as part of the biomedical protocol. I didn’t post about it because I didn’t quite understand what it all meant, but yesterday I spoke with the doctor and she gave me the results and converted everything into an actionable plan.

We did the following tests for Nathan:

* Organic Acid Profile: This test showed very high markers for yeast overgrowth. He had very high citramalic, 5-hydroxymethal-2-furoic, 3-oxoglutaric, furan, furancarbonylglycine, and arabinose. This test also showed that he was low in anti-oxidants as showed by having high succinic, aconitic, suberic, sebacic, and citric. It also showed htat he has a B6 deficiency, and B6 is a very important part of brain function and development. In order to treat these 2 issues of yeast overgrowth and lack of anti-oxidants, the doctor reccommended putting him on a high potency probiotic as well as a supplement for anti-oxidants. I am thinking of using something like Monavie as it has Acai which is considered to be highly antioxidative. Also, there lots of leafy greens and other vegetables which are high in anti-oxidants so I will be adding those to his diet.

* Food-Specific IgG Antibody Assesment: This test looked for food allergies. Nathan was found to be highly reactive to casein, cheese, eggs, milk, goat’s milk, green peas, lentils, peanuts, rye, soy bean, spelt, wheat, whey, yogurt, almond, barley and oats. To address this, the doctor recommended putting Nathan on a Glutein Free, Casein Free, Soy free diet.

* Microbiology Profile: This tests for the amount of beneficial and dysbiotic flora present in their gut. Nathan had very low amounts of good bacteria, and a high amount of klebsiella pneumonia which is bad bacteria. At this time the doctor reccommended addressing this problem with probiotics.

* Peptides: The peptide test showed that Nathan is HIGHLY reactive to milk. To address this, we will be taking Nathan off cow’s milk and giving him rice or almond milk instead. We will also add in calcium supplementation.

* Genomic Testing: Nathan showed he was very low in methylation and his ability for self detoxification. To address this, we will add in a glutatione cream.

Nathan’s Protocol:

Week 1: Vsl3 probiotic (1/2 cap 2 times a day)
Week 3: Glutatione cream
Week 5: Calcium citrate
Week 7: Methyl B12 shots

So every 2 weeks we will add a new supplement so we can observe it’s effectiveness or lack of. After week 7, the doctor wants to try just the B12 shots for 5 weeks without adding anything else. At that point, we will have another appointment for her to evaluate the protocol and decide what’s next.

Based on my conversation with her, she thinks Nathan has clear indications of gut issues that are likely contributing to his problems. She even went as far as to use the word “autistic” on Nathan. Now I know this doesn’t seem like Nathan at all since he is so happy and smiley most of the time. But remember autism is a spectrum and I think if Nathan had to be on the spectrum he would be on the very mild side of the spectrum. However, I think the main reason she was referring to this was because Nathan seems to show a lot of the “markers” associated with kids with autism who have issues with yeast overgrowth, lack of B12 and glutathione, etc.

Her goal is to identify how much of Nathan’s delays are because of the brain malformation and how much of his delays are because of these deficiencies. Once we fix the deficiencies then we can not only make him healthier and stronger but we will be supporting his brain’s ability to function effectively. I guess the best way I can understand it is let’s say someone has a broken wrist, yet you are doing physical therapy day and night to improve their function, but if they still have a broken wrist, how can they really improve? Which, by the way, is a good analogy for ABR too, as in effect, that’s what we’re doing with ABR, fixing the wrist so that the physical therapy and the body can function more effectively.

I asked the doctor about chelation, heavy metals, and viral testing for Nathan. However, she said that this is a process and there are certain steps that you take and they can’t happen all at once. For example, she’s adding the B12 after 7 weeks because she wants to work on the yeast overgrowth before, otherwise the B12 wouldn’t be effective in a gut that is colonized by yeast. So this way we treat the yeast first and lay the foundation for the other supplements to work more effectively. Then, after 12 weeks, based on how Nathan is doing, she can then decide of anything needs to be done regarding viruses and/or heavy metals/chelation.

Frankly, I am overjoyed that we are starting this protocol. It makes perfect sense to me that we have to make sure we’re feeding Nathan correctly and that we are supporting his body and brain to function most effectively. I had a feeling we would find some of the issues that we found and am happy that we now have objective information in front of us about how to help Nathan overcome some of his issues. I was afraid that this would be horribly expensive, as some kids with full blown autism need literally hundreds of supplements, but I think the protocol seems very reasonable!

Anyways, I will try to scan some of the test results so people can see what they look like.

In the meantime, I am off to figure out how to start a Glutein Free Casein Free Soy Free diet.

PS – for those of you up for a laugh… I had the brilliant idea of doing a cleanse yesterday. By 6pm, the time of my phone appointment with the naturopath that is treating Nathan, I was hiding in a dark closet with the worth migraine I’ve had in years. The doctor called at about 6:30 pm and I had to talk to her from within a dark closet because I couldn’t stand the light. In the middle of the conversation I had to put her on hold and run to the bathroom to throw up! After I finished and brushed my teeth I picked up the phone and went right on talking about the results and the plan for Nathan. Oooooooooonly me.

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