Of life and luck

I’ve been thinking of life and luck today. How lucky to be Nathan’s mom and to get to share his life. How lucky to have a little baby girl on the way. Lucky to have the wonderful friends and family that I have. Lucky to have met the man of my dreams and to have him be the father of my children. How did I get to be so lucky?

And talking about life and luck…today, Belle is 18 weeks pre-old. She’s so eagerly awaited. Nathan smiles every time I mention her name. Owen and I daydream about her when we talk on the phone. And grandma…well, grandma’s been busy. She’s been busy knitting. Lucky Belle is going to be a princess from the minute of her birth:

Now talking about luck, I have to talk about Lucky. Particularly, how lucky Lucky is. Nathan’s teacher from preschool, Tia Pao, fell in love with him and is going to adopt him. The little bugger couldn’t have found himself a better home. She is sweet, kind, loving, and just a wonderful human being. Lucky is going to have a big yard to play in, will be allowed inside the house, and has already been promised lots and lots of love. If I described what I wanted to find in a family for Lucky, I would’ve described Tia Pao. So I am thrilled thrilled thrilled. As well as devastated. Of course I’m already super attached to the little puppy, he’s been so much fun to have around. But reality is reality and I can’t take him to LA with me so it’s best for him to find a home here sooner rather than later. He’ll be going to Tia Pao’s house on Saturday, so I have 5 more days with Mr. Lucky. Here he is playing with his favorite Elmo doll:

Now, talking about life. In general, Nathan is doing very very well. As you can see, he is finally making improvements that are carrying over into life, not just therapy! I really can’t describe how it feels to finally watch Nathan gaining new skills. It’s fantastic!

I think that the combination of CME, g-therapy, and his specialized diet is having a very positive effect on his brain. I think that the G and the diet maximize the ability for the CME to “take hold” in Nathan’s brain. I’ve also noticed that there has been a spillover effect into other areas for Nathan. I’ve been talking a little bit about it here – he’s more interested in playing, more vocal, is able to prop sit even though he hasn’t practiced prop sitting in months, improved head control, eating better. If you think about it, babies gain 90% of their development in their early years through motor development. So I think CME is helping him not just in gross motor skills, I think it’s also helping him with fine and oral motor skills, as well as intellectual stimulation.

So life is good..and I sure feel lucky.


  1. Francisco says

    Me alegra el alma leer tu felicidad y la evidente mejora que muestra Nathan. Lo unico que no comparto es que tenga que ver con suerte….todo lo has conseguido con esfuerzo y perseverancia. Te mereces toda la felicidad del mundo

  2. Thanks Dad! I appreciate the thoughts 🙂

  3. Que lindo post,creo que realmente eres afortunada por ese maravilloso hijo que tienes y esa linda princesa que pronto llegará,y Owen que es el hombre de tu vida y un papá maravilloso para tus hijos,si eres muy bendecida…..y suerte la mia que hoy somos muy buenas amigas.
    un beso.

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