On the mend

As I type this, Nathan is sleeping peacefully. He is eating while he sleeps through the G-tube. Which he happens to be tolerating beautifully. While off oxygen. While also eating and drinking orally.

Nathan never ceases to amaze me. He is so strong!

He’s had an excellent day so far. He is relaxed, out of pain. They lowered the dosage of the pain meds and he’s doing well.

I think the worst is over and now we’re starting to prepare to return home.

I spoke at length with a dietician today and schooled her on blenderized diets (thanks Pam!). She is using the concepts that I gave her to create a customized nutrition plan for Nathan. We will eliminate casein, gluten, soy and eggs from his diet, and do a 4 day rotating diet. But I’m getting ahead of myself, I’ll share more about it soon.

For now the excellent news is that Nathan is doing well, is on the mend, and on his way to recovery.

Grateful, we are so very very grateful! And so appreciative of all the kind people praying, visiting, and wishing him well! We love you, thank you!


  1. Nathan is amazing- I agree! So glad to hear he is feeling a little better. I miss seeing him- please say hi for me and tell him I look forward to our next game of Candy Land! Love to you all- Ronna

  2. In a couple months you will have a happy Nathan that will be able to enjoy so much more because you wouldn’t be spending so much time on trying to get food into him.
    Rylands feeding tube surgery took awhile to recovery from.
    Ryland still eats by mouth but he’s need been great at it, he gags so easily.
    Thinking about you all. Get better Nathan

  3. How’re you guys doing?

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