One Sick Baby

Today Nathan continued to cough and wheeze and had trouble breathing. But since the doctors at children said it was just a virus, I just figured I’d wait it out.
At 6:30 we ran out for a quick trip to the store and I just couldn’t handle it. He was coughing and just looked very very sick. So I impulsively detoured to his doctor’s office.
She was on her way out the door but stayed on to see Nathan.
She found a pretty bad ear infection (which the doctor’s at Children’s hospital missed) and an upper respiratory infection.
We now have to start him on Augmentin (after almost 20 days on another antibiotic), as well as a nebulizer with albuterol. Then, suprise surprise, the type of alubterol prescribed wasn’t covered by insurance – we had to pay $355 for it! I know, I almost passed out.
So we’ve given him all the meds and he’s sleeping okay, although he’s still coughing every 20 minutes or so.
I’m a little confused, I thought we were strengthening his immune system with the GFCF diet as well as all the alternative supplements – what’s going on here? He’s been sicker in the last 2 months than the rest of his life (other than the shunt infection).
Please keep little man in your prayers. It’s tough to see him so uncomfortable.
Thank you!


  1. oooh I am so sorry to hear that Nathan is ill.
    I certainly hope that the meds help him out quickly.

    Poor little guy, give him plenty of hugs and kisses and he’ll be better in no time!!

  2. Marcela
    Poor little guy, I know what your going through. Ryland was sick, they never found anything right away but a week later he was in the Hospital with RSV, Ryland was about the same age as Nathan when he got it. I hope they checked for RSV. Ryland had a hard time with it. I don’t know if Nathan is like Ryland but Ryland has a hard time breathing through his mouth so it a must for us to have a suction machine, which has been a life saver for his colds. HoPE all works out and Nathan is back to his smiley self real soon.
    With HoPE
    ~Summer mom to Ryland 5

  3. I hope Nathan will feel better soon. Hugs to Nathan and mommy.

  4. God Bless the three of you. You are a family now with a precious little boy. You will find the courage and strength to do for your child whatever he will need, now and the future. He could so easily have died. It does *&^%, the incompetence of that Doctor. If there is a way to sanction him, contact hospitals in the area the local Medical Association. Then try to let it go. You have your little boy’s life ahead of you. He should be eligible for early intervention services. His little body will heal from the ordeal. I hope you and your husband’s psyches
    heal as well. My prayers are with you.

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