Our day today

I am so bummed that I can’t post pictures of Nathan in his Medek sessions. Hopefully my camera will be here soon! Nathan is doing incredible in his sessions! Every single session he gets stronger and stronger. Ramon keeps increasing the difficulty of the exercises and he keeps doing them! He is standing better, balancing better, and holding up his trunk much better. Ramon has been working a LOT on his trunk as it’s his biggest deficit. Once he has trunk control we’re in business!

At first I was worried about all these Medek sessions, but I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by Nathan’s disposition! He is working hard, NOT CRYING, and really doing his best in all of the exercises. This is a MAJOR shift for Nathan. In the past he did the exercises but he cried and cried and resisted them. Now, without TV or ANY distractions, he works hard! I will write another post about why I think this is happening (hint hint – Bodytalk).

Today was a lovely, but sad, day. Nathan had 2 sessions in the morning, which was hard on him as he didn’t have much time to rest. But even with that, he did very well. In the afternoon we napped and then we went out with PapaTerapeuta. We drove around downtown Santaigo and went to Cerro San Sebastian. It is so beautiful here! We really enjoyed seeing everything. Nathan was happy to ride around in Rocio’s car seat. Unfortunately Rocio is a little bit under the weather so she wasn’t able to come out with us.

Then in the early evening Mary went back home. We miss her already! Afterwards Nathan and I cuddled up in bed and watched a little bit of TV. We’ve mostly taken TV away from him so he was really happy to have a chance to cuddle with mommy AND watch TV.

And now, we’re off to bed! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Cerro San Cristóbal!! 🙂

  2. It seems that Nathan is enjoying life, and that’s a great time for him to learn! Hope you are feeling better – I had morningsickness with Emma for all 9 months and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

  3. Glad to hear things are going well. We saw Ramon on tv talking about his Medek program last week.
    Big hugs to you both!!

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