Our Smart Boy…

Today at NAPA, the therapist mentioned, offhand, how much more accurate he’s gotten with his body parts…I’m like, what do you mean? He said that on Friday, when he asked Nathan to touch his mouth, nose, eyes, ears, it took Nathan a little longer..while today he did it right away.

I almost plopped backwards..I was like, what?? I had no idea Nathan even knew!!!

So he said that if he lays down within Nathan’s reach and asks him to grab specific parts of his face, Nathan can do it, and does it accurately every time! He had thought this was something Nathan has done with us before, so he was all excited when I told him it was a first.

For you parents of non-special needs kids, this is HUGE for us! For you parents of special needs kids with severe physical delays, you understand how exicting this is!!!

I love those stem cells!


  1. You go Nathan!

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