Our Weekend

We’ve had a really lovely weekend. We got home Thursday and decided to take the weekend off and just chill. No Medek, no diet, no meds…just us relaxing and having fun. That we did – and quite well!

On Friday we went for a hike and had a bit of excitement. I was caring Nathan in the ergobaby and as we’re walking down the hill I tripped. Somehow, as I was falling forward and about to crush him, I managed to roll over and fell instead on my bum. I really have no idea how or what happened, as I have a huge cut on my knee, so at some point I was about to land on him … but I guess I have good mommy instincts 🙂 I guess if I had any doubts about my mothering capabilities they have now been subdued.

On Saturday we hung out at home and watched quite a bit of TV. Nathan was so happy to be allowed to watch (we’ve cut down his TV time to almost nothing) that he sat quietly watching our show with us without complaining. He’s been Mr. Cuteness lately and just chilled and happy. Then he spent the night at my mom’s so Owen and I could go on a date.

Today we went to Dog Beach and had a lovely time. Nathan went swimming and had a BLAST! I’ll add pictures of him in the ocean tomorrow.

Oh, and the most exciting news – we got our Dynavox for Nathan’s trial! His speech therapist and I set it up on Saturday and he’s going to start using it tommorrow. We are so excited to see what he can do with it!

Anyways, just wanted to send out a quick update about us. Tomorrow we start with the CME home program that Ramon gave us. I’ll keep you posted!

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