Please Pray and Busy Days

I have bad news and a prayer request.

Nathan’s great-grandma, my dad’s mom, passed away this weekend. We are really sad and miss her very much. We would appreciate if you could pray for her safe passing and pure land rebirth.

This weekend Nathan went to his first birthday parties!!! Maddie and Aiden turned 1, so we went to their parties and had a wonderful time. The birthday babies were treated like princes and princesses, and they all enjoyed themselves very much.

We also went to the fair and Nathan of course loved the stimulation, lights and everything very much.

Ok enough chit chat. Here are a bunch of photos and videos:

We abuse our animals

Sitting outside his brand new tunnel

At the fair

The dads and their babies

And the girls

Bday boy Aiden

Mommy can I have all those presents???

With Birthday princess Maddie

The boys chilling

Great grand-aunt Martha

With uncle Esteban

Uncle Esteban

At the fair

At the fair again

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