Please pray

I spent the night running fevers and throwing up and with terrible pains in my bladder and kidneys. I’m off to the hospital. Please keep me and baby Max in your prayers. Nathan is staying with the nanny for the day.


  1. I just to her on the phone and she doesn’t sound too good. She just arrived to the hospital, I’ll try to keep you posted.

  2. Please let me know if you’re okay Marcela!! We’ll pray for you both to be safe.

  3. Praying for both of you too!

  4. May God Bless on both of you. We are praying for you hope everything will be ok

  5. I’m praying!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep us posted
    Love, love, love, to you

  6. We are all praying for you!
    Lots of love!

  7. Hi everyone. I didn’t realized that I can only email and tweet from my cellphone…

    Marcela is feeling better, the pain is under control. They still dont know where is the infection, they only know there is one so she is most likely to stay in the hospital for 2 days…

    Nathan is well taken care of. I’ll keep you posted or you can email me.

  8. Sending up some prayers!

  9. Things are a bit better. Looks like no kidney infection, instead the diagnosis is acute infective gastroenteritis. Good news is this has little impact on the baby. I was better until 1 am when I woke up burning in fever. I asked for something for the fever but they kept me waiting for 1 hour! By the time they finally came I was in agony. I’ve been on iv painkillers for an hour now and finally better. Nathan is at home with Cybell who is watching him tonight while I’m at the hospital. He was upset earlier cuz he hadn’t seen me all day, but demise brought him for a visit and he relaxed snd is happy in cybell’s arms. Well see what tomorrow brings!

  10. Marcela¡¡¡fuerza y confianza en Dios!!! esperemos que hoy te sientas mejor,lo que nesecites cuenta con nosotros,Nathan pasó muy bién la noche y despertó feliz cuando le dije que ya vería a su mamá…un beso y que la paz de Dios reine en tí.

  11. Phew, I’m on antibiotics now and on a continuous pain/fever drip so things are looking up! Nathan had a great night with the wonderful Cybell and is in good spirits. If I can’t go home today, I’ll definitely be released tomorrow. Hurray, the end is near!

  12. sending lots of prayers your way my friend. Feel better soon. I am also happy to hear you and Nathan are surrounded by wonderful people who are taking good care of you both.
    lots of love

  13. Animo y fe que todo saldrá bien y estarás en casa antes de lo esperado, rezando por ustedes, muchos cariños

  14. She is going home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I’ll pick her up in a couple of hours 🙂

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