Nathan has pneumonia with an awful ear infectioon.

Belle has a nasty croup which she had all last week and is still lingering.

The doc was on the fence about sending Nathan to the hospital, but decided to give him a day to see how he progresses. She gave him a shot of rocephin, a super duper strong antibiotic, and told us to return to her office tomorrow so we can figure out the next step. Plus of course nebulizer treatments.

We’ve had a nasty winter – one illness after another. I’m ready to get past this.

Oh, and if you have a spare moment, prayers for our superhero, who is a real real mess, would be greatly appreciated.


  1. That is strange. Oliver has been ill for the second time this winter. Last winter he was without a tiny problem.
    However and luckily, still in a better shape than Nathan at the moment. I will pray.
    You could try onion wrap, olive oil wrap, put hands on his lungs and pray for his lunges, for his strong body. I used to doing that for about 15 minutes several times during a day Oliver’s first year. I proved that prayers are the best medicine.
    Good luck, we are with you.

  2. Cathy Jordan says

    Praying for all of you! Get well soon!

  3. Oh no! Prayers for a speedy recovery to all of you.

  4. Sally Fraley says

    praying for healing!!

  5. erika rojas says

    I will pray for all of you and recovery will come soon.

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