Polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids boost the birth of new neurons

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) researchers have confirmed that a diet rich in polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids, patented as an LMN diet, helps boost the production of the brain’s stem cells -neurogenesis- and strengthens their differentiation in different types of neuron cells.

Polyphenols can be found in tea, beer, grapes, wine, olive oil, cocoa, nuts and other fruits and vegetables. Polyunsaturated fatty acids can be found in blue fish and vegetables such as corn, soya beans, sunflowers and pumpkins. The LMN cream used in this study was composed of a mixture of natural products: dried fruits and nuts, coconut, vegetable oils rich in polyunsaturated fat and flour rich in soluble fiber.

To read further, visit the study on the CNS site

More and more proof that what we eat determines how our brain develops and functions!


  1. WOW! I’m so excited about this. I just did a post on what I’m feeding Little Man & now I get to add this to his diet:)
    I am so blessed to have found your blog. I am learning so much. On behalf of all special mommies out there: THANK YOU!!

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