Poor Nathan

I was talking with someone tonight and she said, “poor Nathan.” I was like, “what do you mean? why?” She said, “I always feel bad when I see kids with special needs.”

And I ask you dear reader… do you see a “poor” child when you see Nathan? What’s “poor” about him? Does he strike you as someone you should feel sorry for? Do you think he should be pitied because he is different? Is he a “poor” boy because he doesn’t function like everybody else?

When I see Nathan I see NOTHING poor about him. I see a child who is HAPPY all the time. I see a child who knows he is the center of his parent’s world. I see a child who plays, laughs, loves, cries. I see a child with distinct likes and dislikes. I see a child who loves playing with other kids and doesn’t like being told what to do. I see a child who has travelled more than many people do in a lifetime and I see a child who enjoys many different kinds of experiences. I see a child who loves brownies (even gluten casein free ones), who loves birthday parties and wants everyone to sing for him. I see a child who expresses his needs…he expresses them in different ways, but expresses them just the same.

So he can’t stand up…so he can’t walk… so he can’t talk… does that mean he is a HUMAN BEING who deserves to be pitied? Because above and beyond he is that – a HUMAN BEING. A person with feelings, a person who feels joy and sadness and has a need for human interaction.

Nathan is a HAPPY child. Just like your child. Just like most children. I am not saying he is happier than other kids. I am just say he is happy, just like any other kid. Yes, he has different abilities. Yes, he has more limitations. I am not blind. But if you look at him from the point of view of what any parent would want for their child – he has that! He is healthy. He is happy.

Please don’t pity my child. Please don’t assume that any child with special needs deserves to be pitied.

Open your eyes. Open your heart. Look at what this child is saying with every breath he takes – it is okay to be different! I don’t function like you, but I am happy! I have limitations, but I am happy!

What else do we ALL want for our kids? For ourselves, for that matter? Isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking? Isn’t that why we work, why we have kids, why we get married, why we eat chocolate and go for a massage? Because we want happiness?

And you think…poor Nathan? Think again.

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