Preschool and Progress

Nathan LOVES his preschool. About 5 minutes after we got there yesterday, one of the kids had figured out that Nathan loves to laugh and was clowning around. Nathan laughed the whole time I was there at the preschool dropping him off (about 20 minutes). The teacher in charge of the class is really lovely, she was eager to get her hands on Nathan and to learn as much as she could about him so she could help him. He’s in a really small class with just 3 other kids, which is good as it will be easier for her to help Nathan. Nathan is the only child with special needs in his class, which is what I’ve always wanted to him – an inclusive environment.

Today when we got to the school, the boys were waiting for him and got super excited when they saw him! Nathan is here, Nathan is here! Right away they pulled out some puppets and put together a puppet show for him! Again they were trying to make him laugh and clowning around for him. It was just beautiful to watch. I feel this is such a perfect complement to his therapy and will make it a well rounded experience – hard work and lots of play! Now if I could find the time to take him to the pool every day we’d be golden 🙂

He continues to progress in his therapy. Every day he gets a little bit stronger. I can’t say he’s making inchstones every day, but I can say he’s making milistones. He progresses a millimeter with every session. At times I get a little frustrated because I want to see inchstones if not milestones, but then I remind myself to be grateful for milistones. Lost of milistones will inevitably have to create an inchstone. Today he sat on a thin board balancing his upper body for about 2 minutes, which is his best yet. He also stayed upright balanced by the belly for about 2 minutes. Go Nathan!

Tomorrow I promise some videos, a wonderful, kind friend loaned me here camera so I can post some footage!!!

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