Protein Shake

This is the formula we’ve been giving to Nathan that has helped him gain weight:

14 ounces of calcium fortified almond milk
2 ounces of unsweetened coconut milk (in a can)
1 scoop metagenics ultra-care 4 kids

Typically you need a practitioner ID to buy ultra-care from metagenics, but I did a quick search and found several vendors online:


  1. We love this. We buy the Metagenics from Village Green Apothocary. They ship it right to our door.

    About the almond milk, I haven’t been looking for calcium fortified. We use either Almond Breeze or the organic one from Trader Joe’s. Are they calcium fortified to you know?

    Anyway, glad you like this shake as much as we do. It’s pretty much the main thing Emma drinks.

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