Question for you

Am I driving you guys crazy by posting too much? I can slow down if you guys want! Owen keeps telling me to slow it down but it’s just weird to me to be far away from everyone who knows and loves Nathan so I am trying to share as much as possible about our life down here.

Please let me know if you want me to slow down or keep going!

On a quick note – Nathan woke up almost fully recovered!!! His nose looked beautiful, no snot, and all that’s left is a bit of a cough. Me thinks there’s something to this biomagnetism hoolahahaha. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the recovery. This morning I took him to the pool to celebrate his recovery after CME and he LOVED it. He kicked, squealed, even splashed with his arms! He was so happy. Tomorrow we’ll go back and I’ll try to film him. He’s sleeping deeply and peacefully after a very active morning (CME then pool) and I am hoping this will add a new layer to Nathan’s life down here – fun AND exercise at the same time! We got lucky and there was a whole class of about 10 little girls swimming at the same time and boy was he excited.

Anyways, here’s the poll:

Am I posting too much?(poll)

PS. All responses are completely anonymous 🙂


  1. Hi Marcela:  We love to hear everything you are doing! We particularily like that you share new treatments that you find – successful for Nathan or not. It could be just what someone else needs.
    Bravo Marcela!

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