Quick Update

We are doing well. Nathan seems to have a little cold but continues to work hard with Esther. Evey day he seems to be able to do something that he couldn’t do the previous day -it’s amazing.

I don’t have much time on the internet to upload many videos, so I thought Id just show one today:

Esther was really proud of him for this one, she said it required extension from the head all the way down to the feet, and he was able to achieve it. Hooray Nathan!

We are starting to get a bit worn out from being away from home so it’s starting to get a bit hard for both of us, but we are hanging in there and excited to learn more of the exercises and to see Nathan responding to them.

Thanks for checking in!


  1. Laura Matos says

    Hi Marcela
    He’s looking good. I am so happy that it working out for you guys. Hope he feels better.

  2. Kristina White says

    Nathan looks like he is doing so well! And, much less fussing with the exercises. I could learn a few things for our kiddos – I still complain after my workouts 🙂

  3. Wow I wish Brandon would do that nooo I am not flying to Canada lol. I miss you and I hope you have a blessed rest of the week.

  4. I am so behind on following any blogs and on updating our own. This new therapy sounds exciting and I am glad to hear Nathan is responding so well. So does this mean that you are done with ABR or are you going to do both simulataneously. Also are you doing G-therapy now?
    I was hoping to see you all in Oceanside this month, let me know if you’ll be there.

  5. BRAVO Nathan!!

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