Raising Hope

I’ve been watching Raising Hope on HULU and I think it’s my new favorite show.  It is HILARIOUS!  I find myself in stitches almost every episode.  It’s sure helped to improve my mood 🙂

And talking about mood…thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me kind words of support.  They meant, and helped me, a lot!  I have been really struggling with exhaustion and feeling guilty – it’s good to get some perspective.

And talking about perspective…I realize that the way I posted was pretty unfair to Owen!  He HAS been super helpful and has stepped it up.  He takes the kids every evening so I can rest.  He gets Nathan ready to school in the morning and puts him on the bus.  On the weekends, if I tell him I am not well, he does his best to take care of the kids.  I didn’t mean to make it sound like he’s not helping.  I think that he’s just struggling, like me, to understand the change in my energy levels.  He only asks for the bare minimum and when he sees that I can’t even do that, well, I think that’s when it’s upsetting to him.  And I understand, because it’s as strange and upsetting to me, too!

Owen went paintballing this weekend, and decided to take Nathan into the fields for a couple of turns.  He was SO HAPPY!  He loved running around and shooting the gun with his daddy!  Of course he was the ONLY one in the field 🙂 so he didn’t get shot at, but to him it was perfect, he was just ecstatic.   Sunday we celebrated my mom’s birthday and the kids had such a good time!  Isabelle is walking everywhere now – she’s getting into everything!

Anyways…I have to confess that this whole exhaustion thing is really tough for me, scraping by the days is just not something I’m used to, and I really miss my old energy…I hardly recognize myself and feel like I’ve lost a big aspect of who I’ve always been.  Hopefully things will get better soon.

Oh, and today, I am 13 weeks…so maybe some of the nausea will go away soon?


  1. Raising Hope and Big Bang Theory are my favorites!

  2. OK kiss Owen on the head where I told you to bop him.
    Both of you do a wonderful job with your family!
    Take time to rest.
    Big Hugs

  3. Hola Marcela, tanto tiempo, como va tu embarazo, espero que muy bien ya pasando todo los sintomas. Y como estan los niños, Bellita y Nathan, los he visto muy lindos y muy grandes sobre todo a Belle, que ya esta caminando, increible!!!. Te mando mucho ANIMO, me imagino que estas muy agotada, pero te repondrás con mucha y buenas energías positivas, mucha luz del universo para tí y es magnífico que Owen te este ayudando de esa manera, es genial. Muchos cariños a la distancia, muchos besitos a los niños, estoy muy sorprendida con Nathan, de sus logros y como ha crecido por Dios!!!, cariños

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