My brain’s a bit rambunctious today. I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to talk about and I just don’t know what to pick. So I’m going to say a bit of everything.

* I got caught playing the “doctor switcharoo” game. I’ve been trying to find a good OB for Belle and have been to 3 or 4 and I got caught, now the perinatologist doesn’t want to see me. Ooops.

* Talking about OB’s, I’ve decided to have an amnio. Now I just have to find a doctor to do it. If there’s one thing I have learned with Nathan, it’s that I have to be prepared and I cannot trust doctors! So I want to know if she’s going to come in with any issues so I can be prepared. If she’s positive for down syndrome, then it’ll change what hospital and doctor delivers her. So it won’t really change how I feel, at least I can start sharpening my fangs and getting ready if I need to be 🙂

* My office is now in my bedroom, and there’s now an empty room in my house for Belle’s nursery! The redecoration has begun!

(Yes our dogs sleep on a queen size mattress at the foot of our bed and that’s Lola hidden under the covers 🙂

(I emptied the office but didn’t have a chance to start cleaning it out and taking stuff down, so this if Phase 1 of Belle’s nursery!)

* And the last thing about Belle … I’m now 28 weeks – the beginning of the 3rd trimester! How exciting! And how very very uncomfortable.

* Nathan’s been super duper whiney so I’m thinking he may not be over his ear infection just yet. We’re going back to the doctor tomorrow. I’m still planning on getting down to Irvine for hbot/suit therapy as soon as possible!

* If you feel like you need a smile, head over to Trevor’s site and check out this super cute video:


* I started a woman’s class called A Woman’s Truth. I went to a few classes last year but my attendance was awful. This year may not be much better but I have to try! The first class was on Saturday and I loved it. Miranda, the facilitator, had us determining what obstacles we have to taking care of ourselves. We had to dig really deep into ourselves to find out why it is we don’t give ourselves the time/energy we deserve. She mentioned over and over again that as mothers we tend to be “self sacrificing” and to think of others first, and we leave our needs last. If our well is not full then we really don’t have much to give. So she encouraged us first to identify our obstacles so we can start working on overcoming our obstacles throughout the year. Mine is: TOO MUCH TO DO! I always think DOING is more important than BEING. So if I have a 30 min pocket I find a hundred things to do with it, instead of doing the things I need to do for myself, like exercise, meditation, rest, etc. So my intention for this year is to change from a human doing and become a human BEING.

* Talking about goals…I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m doing with this blog. Why I do it. What it means. Katy talked about this today as well and it motivated me to talk about it too. I feel like I need a “mission statement” for this blog, a clear picture of why I am here. I am totally open to hearing your thoughts or suggestions on what direction you think this blog should take. More life/chit chat? More sharing of information? Less/more posting?

* Here’s Nathan getting on the bus today. He needed another clothing intervention this morning 🙂

* Oh, and I accidentally cut my hair short. REAL short. Sorry, no pix yet, I have to get used to it first! Owen disowned me. But he’ll live. Me….I can’t say I love it….but I DO love the low maintenance and practicality!!!!

Enough ramblings for today, I’m going to go take care of myself and do my FitMama workout!


  1. No tears on Nathan as he heads off to school, that’s for sure!

  2. Quiero ver tu nuevo look!!!!!, me encantan las fotos de Natghan en el bus a su escuela, se ve muy feliz alli. Amiga todo va a estar bien!!, animo, mucha luz del universo para ustedes y cuidense, despues de mando un mail mas largo.Besitos para todos,

  3. Realmente tantas cosas que decir….
    Solo espero que encuentres el médico y el hospital apropiado para Belle y para tu tranquilidad,quizas no será una tarea fácil pero seguro no imposible,lo de la redecoración será entretenido sobre todo el dormitorio de la niña que lleva un toque especial, eso si debo decir que me has sorprendido con la tremenda cama de tus perros!!!
    Me encantó las fotos de Nathan saliendo de casa a la escuela!!!! se vé absolutamente “feliz” encuentro preciosa su manito tán abierta afirmando su mochila con tanta seguridad y esa sonrrisa que da,se ve hermoso!!!!
    No te imagino con el corte nuevo….y como eso que fue accidental??? de todas maneras sé que Owen te ama de cualquier manera.
    Un beso.

  4. In our class about “finding our niche” they asked us to think about some questions. Some of them were:
    1. Which posts make you nervous?
    2. What posts do you love?
    3. Which posts feel like work?

    Really helped me.

    Those doctors are too much–it’s not like you were looking for drugs!

  5. I like reading stuff on your pages… It comforts me lately. You can babble all you want. I am 22 weeks with my little girl *Aubrey*. She has Sem-lobar.
    I went to my sister in-laws baby shower today and my one aunt was telling me how she’s herd nothing but negative stuff from that side of the family. I was so upset I explained everything to her that is going on with Aubreys development.
    Aubrey will be given a chance at life. It is in Gods will. We are not always in control.
    You are right. Doctors are hard to deal with sometimes. We are going to be sent to another specialist in the upcoming weeks.
    I think I know as much. If not more then our current doctor about some things. I like to study and know what’s going on as well!.

    See… I tend to babble late at night.
    God bless and take care. Again, Thank you for sharing parts of your life.

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