Reach Trial

Today we did our first trial of the Reach program. I got everything together and we went through one session of all the exercises we were given.

Nate did REALLY well!

He complained through the whole five minutes of patterning, that was the hardest part. But after that, there were so many quick exercises that his interest was totally piqued.

We put him on the incline plane and at first he didn’t move at all. But after a little coaxing he started moving a little and realized that if he kicked and moved his arms he could slide down and get closer to Elmo. So he was able to make it down the plane on his own! I will post a video on Monday when we start the program fully.

Floor time was okay as the periods were so short.

We are excited to get moving with everything. Here is my final schedules and checklist:

Stay tuned for our official launch on Monday!

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