We are getting ready to take off to Canada tommorrow to receive training in Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation. And all I can say is that I am EXCITED.

I am so happy that we will have this opportunity to practice this treatment on Nathan.

And I am excited to meet other families. We will be meeting Fletcher and Daniel’s family. And many more cool families that we have talked to online.

We will keep posting and letting you know how our trip goes!

I feel like we are on the jetway and getting ready for Nathan to take off. This week felt like we got all of the pieces of the puzzle in place:

* We got the oxygen compressor for the hyperbaric chamber so now we can add about 40% oxygen into the chamber. We set it all up today and today was Nathan’s first full, oxygenated hyperbaric treatment.

* We sent off all of the stool, urine and blood samples to the different test labs so they can examine if Nathan has yeast, candida, fungus, viruses, bacteria, food allergies, heavy metals, etc in his system. Once we get all the results (which will take about a month) we can start Nathan on the biomedical protocol.

* We gave Nathan the first dose of G-therapy today. We didn’t do it quite right but we are learning.

* Nathan’s Kidwalk will be ordered on Monday and it should be here in 2-4 weeks. Yay!!! Nathan can begin learning to walk!

And now we’re getting ready to learn about ABR.

I am excited, hopeful, and happy. I feel that we are on the right path and we have all of the components in place now to really give Nathan every chance available.

And most importantly, we BELIEVE in Nathan’s future and potential, without doubts, questions or hesitations.

So thanks to all of you who keep an eye on Nathan, you’re the best!

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