I was talking to the medical director at CCS (California Children’s Services) about Nathan’s DAFO’s and SWASH brace. Yes, it’s taken these many months already and they still haven’t been approved.

Anyways, they are questioning why Nathan needs hinged DAFO’s and I explained that it’s because he’s learned to walk in a gait trainer and he needs the extra support.

So he asked me if the extra support meant that he’d be able to walk independently. I laughed and said, not unless they are miracle braces.

So he asked me, if they are not going to help him walk independently, what’s the point of him walking in a gait trainer? It’s not real walking, is it?

Really? For reals? Did I really hear that?

So I thought I’d start posting the funny things people say. Ignorance is bliss.


  1. That made my mouth drop! The things that people say!

  2. Horribly discouraging.

  3. BLAH BLAH BLAH I hope that read this bc it is so dumb. That is just like saying why should we get soemthing for them if we know it wont work because we want to try things out that is why and who knows what will happen. God is the one who puts these things in front of us not just because we want to waste money. Dumb drs.

  4. Sally Fraley says

    did you explain that the more Super N is up right and moving the less overall health issues he will have- so granting the braces and DAFOs are a cost effective measure-less of a chance of surgery and sickness?

  5. oh my, and he was the medical director? 🙁

  6. its so hard to explain things to some people. Its down right frustrating when its to someone who works in healthcare! Dont get discouraged, keep fighting for those braces!

  7. Ruby McGill says

    Do they not realise the benefits of weight bearing – whether it is in a gait trainer, or not? I wish my child was still able to stand. Not being able to stand has led to increased fractures, problems with constipation, and loss of strength. Keep up the good work!

  8. I hope you were able to explain it to him. This kind of ignorance is what I fear. Come on. How would he like to be stuck in one or two positions for the rest of his life. Is he serious? This is 2010. We’ve come a long way from the dark ages.

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