Mr. Smiles is on his way back. We haven’t really seen a full smile yet but we’re hoping to get there soon.

Yesterday’s surgery was tough for him. They’d hoped to do the procedure laproscopically, but when they went in, they saw that his intestines were plastered against the wall of his stomach and his anatomy was all out of place. According to the doctor, this was a result of his shunt infection when he was a baby. Thank you Dr. Jorge Lazaref, more damage to my son thanks to your negligence and incompetence.

They had to make quite a large incision above the “mess” as the doctor called it, to avoid creating any problems. The surgery was a bit more complicated as they had to work around body parts that weren’t where they were supposed to be, causing more inflammation and issues. Additionally, while in there the doctor did a bit more to his pylorus to improve his rate of gastric emptying. In the end the procedure took about 4 hours and was more difficult, invasive, and painful than anticipated.

The good news is that he’s now on his road to recovery. They took out the NG tube which was an important first step. He is on room oxygen and they’re starting to reduce the morphine dose. Today will be the worst day for him as the effect as the anesthesia fully wears off and he will start feeling all of the differences in his anatomy.

He’s been awake most of the morning and watching movies, so at least that’s a step forward.

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  1. Praying for a quick recovery for Nathan. He’s such a brave boy!

  2. This is so hard to read. I hope Nathan starts to feel better soon. He is always in my prayers and even more are being said for his speedy recovery.

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