Well it’s almost midnight and Nathan is spending the night with grandma. I should’ve been sleeping hours ago but it’s hard to wind down. When Nathan is not here there is a big void in the house and in my heart.

This started me thinking about all of the parents that have dealt with losing their children. I am part of a message group for parents of children with holoprosencephaly. It seems that every month we hear about a child dying. And it breaks my heart. How difficult this must be, how very very painful.

And it’s made me appreciate Nathan’s life even more. What a gift and a joy every minute with him is. How lucky we are to have him.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a miracle he is. Sometimes, in worrying about his future, I forget the miracle of the present, and those gorgeous smiles that fill your heart with joy.

So I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate his life. Celebrate his joy. And appreciate all of you who are sharing this journey with us. We are very grateful.

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