And after the storm, came bliss…

After 5 days in Brazil, we spent 6 days in Colombia at our cousin’s beach cottage. It was glorious!

We drank coconut milk from fresh coconuts, napped in the hammock, swam in the ocean and pool, saw and heard the ocean from our bed while we slept at night, ate fresh fish and coconut rice every day, ate lots of sand, and loved spending time with family.


  1. I can image your relax. I can feel it from your pictures. Belle is in the great age now.

  2. Are you Colombian?? I follow your blog and really admire you for what you do for Nathan and your family. I enjoy reading your thoughts and the information you provide. Way to go, mama!!!

  3. By the way, I had seen the ad for The Active Hands Gripping Aids on Facebook and happened to see Nathan’s picture and what you wrote about them ; ) I’m thinking of getting a pair to try out with my kids. (I’m a PT by the way)

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