I know I like to preach. Whenever I encounter something I like, I want to jump on the rooftops and share it with the world, wanting to help. But maybe I preach too much? I hope that’s not the case.

Today I want to jump on the rooftops again. I think this may be more for us moms than for our kids. But it may help our kids too.

The product is called “Rutivite“. It is a buckwheat supplement that is meant to help circulation. But I’ve found it incredibly helpful mostly for pain. I’m not sure why, or how – but my guess is that improved circulation brings nutrients to parts that are starved for more oxygen and other nutrients – thus reducing pain.

I discovered it during one of my trips to England – a friend who has Fibromyalgia told me about it. So I started taking it for some pain I was having in my wrist and hand. Ever since then I’ve marvelled at this supplement. When I stop taking it, the pains come back. 2 days after I start taking it again, the pains are gone. Magic.

The only con – it’s not sold in the US. You have to order it online and it’s shipped from the UK. The supplement itself isn’t too expensive, but the shipping can add to it. So what I do is order the really really big container that lasts me like 6 months so I’m not constantly paying for shipping.

Carrying our kids around can hurt. I’m grateful to have this supplement so it doesn’t hurt quite so much 🙂

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