Santa Day at Carousel Ranch

We went to Santa Day at Carousel Ranch and had a lovely lovely time.

And the most important news – NATHAN INITIATED STEPS IN THE KIDWALK! My mom figured out the trick. She got a plate full of chocolate, candy, and goodies and let him almost taste it, then she stepped back a few steps. All of a sudden he started moving his little feet, and off he went! It’s amazing what some chocolate can do!

Given the occasion I thought it was worth letting him have some candy, even if we broke his diet.

But now I am going to learn how to make Gluten Free Casein Free Sugar Free Egg Free goodies so we can teach him to walk. Reminds me of when I was 2, my mom has a picture of me walking down a stage in a modeling show while waving food in front of me.

Anyways, we had a lovely weekened, we didn’t do any therapy, just relaxed and enjoy…blissful!


  1. Amazing how food can motivate our kids. SO thrilled he initiated steps!

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