School Bits

* I met with Nathan’s teacher yesterday. She is lovely and really wants what’s best for him. She suggested doing a 50/50 split – 50% of the day in a class with kids that are mobile and verbal, 50% in her class. She does the MOVE program and she has seen him make gains and believes he can continue to make gains and become more independent if we give her more time with him. I really trust her so I agreed to her plan.

* Nathan is taking steps and moving a Pony gait trainer!

* After our meeting, we returned to the class room and the aides told us that Nathan rolled from his back to his belly. Hoooray!!!

* Nathan’s teacher is going to take a class on using the Dynavox so she can also work with Nathan on the device. Communication is going to be a key aspect of Nathan’s next IEP (which is coming up real soon!).

* Nathan’s teacher is MOVE trained and she genuinely believes she can get him moving. Victoria, his ABM therapist, also believes that soon we’ll have to start chasing him around as he rolls or scoots on the floor all over our house. I can’t wait to see that day!


  1. It’s great that you love the teacher it is important. I looked up MOVE and it seems cool. Best to you. I’ll be checking in on you guys from time to time. 🙂 Lisa J

  2. You and Nathan are most fortunate to have a teacher who uses the MOVE program. Hurray for Nathan’s recent ‘moves’.

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