Settling in

We’re back home and have adjusted to the new flow of our lives.

Life is good. Nathan is over his cold, and very happy (except when he doesn’t want to do medek). We’ve settled back into routine with his normal activities. Today we had a play date with a local family of a child with special needs, and then went to swim class. There is an energy of relaxation around our house because now we can just focus on one thing, instead of too many. It’s wonderful!

We’re getting a handle on the Medek exercises and getting into a “groove” of doing 2 sessions every day. Today he had one AMAZING session where he pulled up and held himself for a while!

So I just wanted to write a brief note to say where are back home, settling into our new routine, and happy as can be.


  1. very good!!!!!!!!
    so glad to hear.

  2. Welcome home! Enjoy the relaxation!

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