She’s moving!!!

Today, I felt Belle clearly moving in my belly! It’s the first time! I’ve suspected I’ve felt her move before, but today I felt her kicking many times and it was just wonderful!!! It’s such an incredible feeling, truly amazing, to feel life inside you. I felt like she was saying, “Hi mommy, I’m here, and I’m well!!”

Talking about Belle, my mom asked me to please post a clarification:

“I’m not knitting. I’m hand embroidering, machine embroidering, hand sewing, machine sewing and smocking. Every single thing I have made so far, is a different technique or a combination of 2 or 3.”

She’s still working on most of these too, so they’re just a sneak preview of how excited grandma is to have Princess Belle on the way.

Now let me talk about Belle’s brother. He got an ear and upper respiratory infection and was a bit out of it the last couple of days. Fortunately I think I caught it early and I’m hoping it won’t be too big a deal. He’s on antibiotics now and an anti-allergy medicine. The doctor thinks he’s suffering from seasonal allergies as the weather in Chile is quite tough. And the constant irritation from the allergy is causing the infections. And the ironic thing – I have medicine that will help him with this – but it’s stuck in customs. Grrrrrrrr. The good thing is he’s feeling better and he’s back to Mr. Happy.

Today is a bitter sweet day. Sweet because of Belle, sweet because I get to hang out with Nathan, but sad because today Lucky moves to his new home. We had so much fun with the little bugger and I’m pretty devastated that he’s going. But I know it’s the best thing for him and the right thing to do. Plus I know I’m giving him to a great family who can probably take better care of him than I can, with all of our traveling and constant movement.

Finally, thanks for everyone’s support on the “guilt” post. It’s hard to share such deeply personal things but as I always say, they’re part of the journey and I always want to be “real” in this blog. What was really interesting for me was that I honestly hadn’t realized that the guilt and fear were there – it wasn’t until Thursday that I “saw” them. So whenever that happens, it’s painful but at the same time liberating, because once a feeling is out in the open I can work with it and overcome it, but when it’s hidden, it’s having an impact on my behavior and feelings but I don’t know it so I can’t work on it. So overall I’m always happy when those moments arise because it’s something else I can overcome and move on from.

After Lucky’s new mom picks him up, Nathan is taking me out on a date – we’re going to the movies to watch The Princess and the Frog, and then we’re going to have dessert and Crepes and Waffles. I love the dates I get to have these days – I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime!


  1. Cathy Jordan says

    How exciting about feeling Belle move! I love that feeling. It’s such an awesome thing to create a life!

  2. Cathy Jordan says

    p.s. Your mom is so talented!

  3. hi – did you ever talk to Jonathan, or the dude in NJ?
    Also, did you ever receive the merry muscles?

    Glad Belle is moving.
    Love – whit

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