Sorry we’ve been MIA. Nathan’s been sick, I haven’t been feeling too well, and we’ve been in a general state of blahness. Nathan hasn’t been to Medek this week so it’s’ been a depressing few days. It seems he got better for a little while when daddy got here, but then whatever he’d originally had came back with a vengeance. This morning he woke up better, so much so that we went out for a little bit as he seemed in good health and spirits, and then he burst into a fever, vomit and tears in the early evening so we’re back to square one. Bahhh humph.


  1. Oh My Gosh! im so sorry to hear Nathan is sick..again! Hope you and him start feeling better! se cuidan mucho!

  2. Thanks Mary, I sure hope so too!!!! How are you guys doing?

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