Sick….yet again.

With all my talk about getting healthy it’s something that’s unfortunately not happening quite yet at this house.

Nathan’s been throwing up for several days now and doesn’t seem to be getting better. He saw the doc today and she claims I’m too paranoid. That it’s probably just a bug.

If what we have is a bug, then what a super bug it is! We’ve both had it on and off for almost a month. I’m starting to be a bit outraged here!

Dr. Dituro thinks it’s from detoxification – which is definitely possible. I hope it is, because if we are detoxing, our illness is a sign of imminent health.

Anyways, please pray for little Nathan, he is not in great shape and could use some prayers.


  1. Hi,
    My name is Laura. My daughter, Olivia is 4. I found your blog just now looking for information about the Kidwalk. We just ordered it for Olivia. She has special needs, too. She isn’t walking or talking yet. She is the joy of our lives. I really identified with your struggle of taking Nathan to Toys r us and THE LOOKS. Right now, preschoolers are sweet and loving, but at the mall and church sometimes the looks and comments I am definitely sensitive about. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Oh, poor Nathan. And poor you. I will say a prayer for the little guy. You’re right, it doesn’t sound like a bug.

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