Sleep training

Will tonight be the first full night of sleep I get in over a year? Will this be it?

Tonight I am bunking with Nathan and Owen and Belle are going to sleep together.

Meaning – Belle will wake up and cry, Owen won’t hear her and sleep right through it, and Belle will have to start learning to sleep through the night.

My heart is breaking but if this year is going to be any good, we all have to start getting some sleep.

I think she is old enough now and I am sure she will be okay. But it breaks my heart!


  1. Hang in there Marcela it should only take 1 night 2 at the most. Lots of love Sandi

  2. Good Luck with the sleep training. Once Belle realizes that Mommy isn’t going to come, she will surely fall back to sleep. It may take a few nights. But hang in there.

    I sometimes wonder though, if daddys \really\ sleep through a crying baby who is in the same room. Or if they are just waiting us mommys out so that we will go without a full nights sleep.

    I really feel blessed. Nate has been sleeping through the night for over a month now. He;s 5 1/2 months old!

  3. Donna, you really are so lucky! Also so glad to hear how much therapy is helping Nathaniel!  Belle did well last night putting herself back to sleep, I hope it doesn’t take long!

  4. I hope so Sandi! When are you off to England? Do you think we’ll have time to hang out before you go?

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