Nathan continues to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Today his potassium was very low, and his WBC count had more than doubled – indicating there is infection somewhere, but we just don’t know where.

The CT scan came back fine.

His doctor should be coming by shortly to discuss our next steps. There’s talk of starting an NG tube to get some nutrition into him.

They also drew blood to check for sepsis.

In the meantime, still no smiles, still no brown-eyed sparkle, just peaceful sleep sleep sleep.


  1. Thinking and praying for Nathan and you all.

  2. Macela

    Just curious, have they checked Nathan’s Cortisol level? Granted Timmy has hypopanpituitarism, but when he gets sick, if his cortisol level is low he tends to sleep ALOT. Then again, sleep and plenty of it is the best cure for what is ailing Nathan.

    Still Praying


  3. Azriel Novogroder says

    We are praying hard for all of you guys. Tonight and tomorrow will be time in the synagogue with all of you in mind.
    I hope that they can get to the bottom of what is going on. I know others suggested a possibility of RSV. I think that will be a great idea to confirm that he does not have that. The idea of an NG tube is scary, but he needs to eat soon. I hope he can keep down what they give him. I know you miss his smile and beatiful eyes, I hope the sleep will help him recover soon and you can see his beautiful smiling face and eyes really soon.

  4. Nancy Thyme says

    My prayers are with Nathan. It is good to know that the problem has been discovered and that he is improving with treatment. May God bless his soul and give him strength.

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