Snow in LA!

Yesterday I wrote that I KNOW this is going to be the best year ever. Well today the impossible happened: it SNOWED in LA! What an omen!

These photos are taken on the deck off our bedroom:

And these are some random pictures. In case you haven’t noticed Owen and I gave each other a new camera for Christams 😉 so we are having fun playing with it and learning to use it 🙂

These were taken at dinner last night. Nathan looked like such a big boy! We had a friend with us and she was marvelling at how much Nathan has matured in the last few months. It’s so true!

PS. Notice how his mouth is closed? We’ve been using our cold laser on his lips and mouth and lately he’s been closing his mouth more and seems to be displaying more control over his face and tongue and lips!


  1. How cool is that! We’re we just talking about it this morning! Snow! But I meant here in NY not LA! Very nice pictures. I just want to smoosh Nathan he looks so good!

  2. Snow in LA! We are JEALOUS!!!! All of that snow Christmas and our part of NC didn’t get any. :0(

    OMGish is Nathan really drinking from a straw? If so, I’m envious. I sooo wish we could get Timmy to drink from a straw. He will drink almost an ounce from a doser cup, but nothing more. We have been working on this for ages it seems.
    I had much rather have Timmy drinking from a straw, than ALWAYS sucking on his thumb! grrr, Yuck!

  3. I know I was thinking of that too! It looks like we have a lot of snow coming our way in January, first at home, then in Mammoth, then in NY! I’ll call you tomorrow once I’ve finalized our plans!

  4. Hi Donna, It is breathtaking, I still can’t believe it is happening, and the snow is actually sticking, we have about an inch of snow in front of our house already!  It was fun we all went out and played in the snow.  Yes, Nathan can drink from a straw, but he is not very consistent with it.  He’ll take a few sips but it is hard work for him so we then typically switch to a cup so he doesn’t have to work so hard 🙂  It’s definitely something that we plan on improving.  I hope Timmy learns soon!

  5. How cool, Ryland loves the snow. I’ve noticed Bella and Vera have alot of the same clothing, funny how she wearing snowmen PJ and it’s snowed. (Vera has those)
    Even though I live were we get alot of snow we don’t have any place close by to really ski or should I say snowboarding for the boys, we have a small place called Great Bear but boy how fun would Mitchell and Nathan have at a BIG ski place. I can’t afford to drive them 3-4 hrs to a bigger Hills. they do OK at GBear, it’s only 20mins away.
    Love all the new pics

  6. Hey Summer, Nathan really enjoyed the snow, but we will really get to see once we get to Mammoth, I hope he really loves it!  I found that they have adaptive skiing up there, maybe Nathan will be able to ski too!!!  Hopefull you’ll be able to take the boys skiing before the season is over.  Did you get the dynavox today?

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