Here are some pictures of the last few days:

In other news:

Nathan seems to be coming down with the same thing I had. Now that we know what it was, we’re jumping on it and I’m getting him on antibiotics tomorrow. He’s not feverish yet so hopefully we will stop this before it gets serious.

Also, Owen will be on his way to see us tonight, and arrive tomorrow night! Nathan and I are excited to see him!

Finally, today baby Max is 10 weeks old. So far this baby’s proven to be a fighter, just like his brother!


  1. Love the photos. I have to say it actually looks like Nathan is SMILING in the photos where he’s working so hard – he has come a long way! I just love watching him get stronger 🙂

  2. Yay Nathan!!! Marcela he is looking awesome!!! I’m happy to hear Owen is coming to see you guys. Take care of yourself and especially take care of that cutie pie:)

  3. Marcela
    Hola te estado llamando lamento que nathan este enfermo espero pase pronto,espero podamos vernos ,estamos tan cerca y no hemos podido compartir más,yo he estado colapsada he corrido toda esta semana ,aparte tenemos el auto malo para salir se que llego tu marido que riko que esten los 4 juntitos ,como va el embarazo? .

    te dejo un beso muy grande

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